These Mousse Cakes and Tarts exude the freshness and quality of their ingredients and coupled with their beautiful designs they really are a treasure to behold. The smooth creamy center of the Mousse Cakes are a wonderful complement to the Gluten Free Cake that shares their interior, so as each morsel melts in your mouth it invites you to take another bite. The Tarts are delectable and, much like the pastries that cemented Leahs passion to embark on her dream, they are the perfect compliment for the fresh fruit on top, which during the summer months is harvested and tended by Leah and Pierre right in their own backyard.

About Us

One of the underlying drivers for the business is to leave a legacy through our charitable work with children and to consistently make a positive impact on the market through our friendly, homegrown approach and the impeccable quality of our wares.

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