Leah WorkingLeah has been a dedicated dreamer all of her life. She was 1st inspired by the magic of pastry when she was 4 years old and received an easy bake oven knock off for Christmas. After this point she was hooked, she could routinely be found on the patio during the summer months overlooking the ocean in her Newfoundland home while baking from her Microlite powered by an extension cord, snaked out through the back window. These primary creations were sweet and ostentatious, but no matter what the design, she would carefully walk them up through the garden for sale to her great grandmother for the lofty sum of 1 dollar.

This entrepreneurial spirit and specifically her interest in baking grew much deeper after a school trip to a small French island off the coast, named Sainte Pierre. It was here that she became enamored with the delicious raspberry tarts that quickly devoured her spending money. The silkiness of the pastry cream and the richness of the tart was the perfect compliment to the fruits she grew to love as a child when she would berry pick with her mother on the hill across from their home. On these occasions her mother would shove handfuls of warm cleaned berries into her mouth and as the juice ran down her chin and her eyes grew wide with delight it was like she was tasting them for the first time as she very literally was on that fateful school trip.

After this time Leah knew her calling and focused on her dream. She completed both the Culinary and Pastry Arts programs at The Culinary Institute of Canada and later received a BCom in entrepreneurship from Ryerson University. While she resided in Toronto she had the pleasure of working for some of Canadas Best Pastry Shops while also running a small business of her own.Leah

Now after some big moves and lots of saving she has embarked on her dream in the sprawling tranquility of the Rural Alberta Countryside.

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One of the underlying drivers for the business is to leave a legacy through our charitable work with children and to consistently make a positive impact on the market through our friendly, homegrown approach and the impeccable quality of our wares.

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